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  • SodaStream Cylinder Adapter For CO2 Regulators 751570516261

SodaStream Cylinder Adapter For CO2 Regulators 751570516261

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Adapter for SodaStream Cylinders


Adapter for SodaStream Cylinders
  • Use SodaStream CO2 cylinders as your CO2 source.
  • Converts SodaStream thread to DIN477 / JIS m22-14 / BS 341 No. 8 / W21.8-14 / .860" x 1/14 (covers UK, Europe and Asia).
  • Fits 'new' (it's 10 years old) style 60L SodaStream cylinder.
  • Use your existing CO2 regulator without any modification.
  • Robust design and manufacture - will last a lifetime.
  • Easy installation.
  • Adjustable valve pin ensures compatibility with any cylinder valve variation.
SodaStream cylinders provide a cheap and convenient way of obtaining your CO2 source. However, the design of the cylinder valve's thread does not conform to any industry standard thread gauges and therefore cannot be used directly with a regulator. Our SodaStream adapter enables you to use a SodaStream cylinder just as you would a 'normal' CO2 cylinder. You can obtain the cylinders from high-street shops, making it ideal for use in aquariums, homebrewing and other hobbies. High quality, durable construction. The male/output thread on the adapter is made to DIN477 / JIS m22-14 / W21.8-14 / .860"x1/14 (covers UK, Europe and Asia) specifications, which will fit industry standard regulators. Replacement bottles can be purchased at a variety of high street shops such as Sainsbury’s, Comet, Argos, Maplin Store, John Lewis, Dunelm Mill, Harvey Nichols, Robert Dyas, some local hardware stores, and also the SodaStream website (who offer direct delivery straight to your door). A bottle will typically last for 3-4months when used at a rate of 1 bubble/second for 8 hours per day, which makes it ideal for aquariums up to 200 litres.


Attach your regulator to the adapter using an appropriate wrench or spanner. Holding the SodaStream cylinder firmly with one hand, tighten the adapter/regulator to the cylinder using a wrench or spanner. The pin inside the adapter will depress the valve on the SodaStream cylinder to open the flow of gas. Continue to tighten the adapter to the cylinder until the cylinder slips in your hand.  

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