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  • Watersafe Drinking Well Water Test Kit (10 Tests in 1) 696571399751

Watersafe Drinking Well Water Test Kit (10 Tests in 1) 696571399751

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  • Test for presence of bacteria
  • Reveal the presence of deadly toxins (from pesticides or fertilizers)
  • Learn your water's pH balance
  • Compare your results with EPA-recommended levels
  • Feel confident in the water you drink!
Watersafe Well Water Test Kit was specifically designed to help you test quickly and easily for the most common contaminants found in private well water, including: iron, copper, lead, bacteria, pesticides, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, pH and hardness. The most comprehensive test yet, this unique system allows you to: - Test for copper, iron, and lead - Detect dangerous levels of Nitrates/Nitrites - Test for potentially harmful bacteria - Reveal the presence of toxins from pesticides or fertilizers - Learn your water's pH balance - Determine your water's "hardness" - Identify unsafe levels of chlorine in your water - Compare all your results to EPA*-recommended levels - Single Use The Watersafe Test Kit contains everything you need to find out simply and accurately if your water contains unsafe or undesirable levels of 10 common contaminants. Follow the instructions carefully for each test, and compare results to the desired values. Drinking water which tests outside the desired values may be dangerous to your health.
Watersafe® Drinking Water Tests Kits are a revolution in home water testing. They’re fast. (Results in 10 minutes—start to finish.) They’re affordable. They provide professional lab-quality results that appear right before your eyes! Water is by far the most ingested substance on the planet. Even with modern water-treatment facilities, water can be a significant source of dangerous contaminants, spreading acute and chronic diseases. Continual exposure to certain man-made chemicals can be highly insidious, causing damage over months or years with often serious and sometimes deadly effects. Chlorine, used for disinfection in many commercial and residential facilities, can react with organic matter to form cancer-causing trihalomethanes. Even naturally occurring contaminants can show up in drinking water with deadly consequences. According the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, E. coli bacteria is responsible for an estimated 73,000 cases of infection and 61 deaths per year in the United States. Lead is toxic when ingested and causes a wide variety of systemic and developmental problems in adults and children yet this metal can leach from old pipes and fixtures, making its way into drinking water. Before you begin... 1. Contents: 1x Bacteria Test Vial 1x Lead / Pesticide Test Strip 1x Nitrate / Nitrite Test Strip 1x pH / Hardness / Chlorine Test Strip 1x Copper Test Strip 1x Iron Test Strip 2.Keep tests out of reach of children or pets. Do not ingest anything from this test kit. Do not drink water sample used for testing. Store and use at room temperature (60-86 F). Do not use on hot water or water containing bleach detergents. Do not re-use any part of the test kit. 3. Do not open packets or vial until you are ready to perform the tests. 4. Read and follow all instructions carefully. Bacteria Test Instructions 1. Take out the Bacteria Test vial and set upright on a flat surface. 2. Collect water sample or turn on tap to a very slow stream. 3. Carefully twist off cap and fill vial to 1/2 inch below the top (to 5 ml line). DO NOT OVERFILL and DO NOT SPILL the bacterial growth powder in the vial. 4. Replace cap and twist on tightly. Shake the vial vigorously for 20 seconds. 5. Place the capped vial upright in a warm area (70-90 F) where it cannot be disturbed for 48 hrs. 6. After 48 hrs., observe the color of the liquid without opening the vial: Purple Color: Negative Result (No bacteria were detected). Yellow Color: Positive Result (It is highly likely that potentially harmful bacteria were detected). 7. For positive results, add bleach to the sample before pouring down the toilet, then wash hands carefully. Negative samples may be poured directly into the toilet. Discard vial in the trash. Lead / Pesticide Test Instructions The Watersafe Lead Test can detect dissolved lead at levels below the EPA Action level of 15 parts per billion (ppb). The Watersafe Pesticide Test detects two of the most common pesticides used in the US at or below the EPA Maximum Contaminant Level (atrazine - 3 ppb, and simazine - 4 ppb). 1. Open Lead / Pesticide packet and take out all contents. The packet contains a test vial, a dropper pipette, two Watersafe test strips, and a desiccant (to be discarded). 2. Using dropper, place exactly TWO dropper-fuls of water sample into test vial. To pick up the sample, tightly squeeze the bulb at the end of the dropper and place the open end into the water sample. Release the bulb to pick up the sample, then squeeze again to expel the sample into the vial. 3. Swirl vial gently for several seconds. Place on a flat surface. 4. Place both test strips into the test vial, with arrows pointing DOWN. 5. Wait 10 minutes. Do not disturb strips or vial during this time. Blue lines will appear on the strips. 6. Take the strips out of the vial and lay them on a flat surface with the arrows pointing to the LEFT. Read Results. If you only see the LEFT line (next to number 1), the test is negative) Negative: The LEFT line (next to number 1) is darker than the RIGHT line (next to number 2) Positive: The RIGHT line (next to number 2) is darker than the LEFT line (next to number 1), or lines are equally dark (Both LEFT and RIGHT lines are equally dark) 7. Note: If no lines appear, or both lines are very light, the test did not run properly and the result is not valid. If a test strip shows a positive result, your water sample may contain lead or pesticides at a toxic level. Nitrate / Nitrite Test Instructions 1.Carefully open Nitrate / Nitrite Test packet and take out test strip. 2. Immerse the reagent pads into water sample for 2 seconds, remove, after 1 minute match colors with the chart below. 3. Colors are stable for 1 minute. ­ pH | Hardness | Chlorine Test Instructions 1. Carefully open pH/ Hardness/ Chlorine Test packet and take out strip. 2. Immerse the reagent pads into water sample and remove immediately. Hold the strip level for 15 seconds. 3. Match pH, Total Hardness and Total Chlorine pads (in that order) to the color chart. Please note that Watersafe® is a screening test and can not be used to certify water as safe or unsafe for drinking. Watersafe® provides approximate results ONLY when used in strict accordance with instructions. SimplexHealth expressly disclaims any liability resulting from the use of this product, failure to follow instructions, or reliance of test results. ­ This is not a measuring instrument.
Water Test Desired Value EPA maximum contaminant levels or guildline standards
Bacteria None
Lead Below 15 ppb
Pesticides Below 3ppb (atrazine), Below 4ppb (simazine)
Nitrite Below 1.0 ppm
Total Nitrate/Nitrite Below 10.0 ppm
Total Chlorine Below 4 ppm
Total Hardness   50 ppm or less
pH     6.5 to 8.5

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